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October 2020




Creative Director & Photographer

Radiation is an editorial done in collaboration with fashion designer Aleksandra Trojnar. Her newest collection, Anihilacja, strongly inspired by two massive nuclear accidents in Fukushima and Chernobyl, explores the way radiation affected living organisms. I wanted my images to respond to the designs, so I focused on the moment of explosion and disaster right after it.
I imagined the moment of reactor explosion being both visually fascinating and drastic in its effect. Being further inspired by Cherenkov radiation discovery, I decided to link the metaphoric disaster with the visual of the blue light phenomenon caused by the nuclear fission reaction.
This imaginary scenario created an extraordinary contrast between the dramatic results of the explosion and beauty of its form. That is why‚ romantic apocalypse became the leading theme for the editorial. I wanted this project to be full of beauty that is emphasised by the drama. By using the contrast between romantic sunset scenery and creepy night fulfiled with theatrical poses, the project formed an unreal visual gradient. The industrial and raw surrounding is the foundation of the apocalyptic feel that combined with magical designs, and visual aesthetics creates surreal images.

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